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Introducing ARES Button

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Experience the convenience and security of ARES Button. Our innovative device automatically relocks your door after the programmed time or with a simple manual override. With ARES Button, you can ensure that your building is always safe and avoid leaving it insecure for long periods of time.

ARES Button Works designed to be friendly

The security screws will avoid opening it without a security key.

ARES complies with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) friendly because:

It is engraved on the design so it can be easily recognisable by touch.

Can be used for someone with physical difficulties that require more time to evacuate the building.

The 25mm button ensures that it is friendly for people with arthritis.

The yellow ring will be recognised by some people with impaired vision

Why Choose ARES Button

Recommendations of Secure by Design 2019:

‘’Emergency door release devices

27.34 Break glass emergency door exit release devices (often green in colour) on communal external doors that provide an important aid to egress in the event of an emergency have proven to be abused rendering some buildings insecure for long periods of time. SBD recommends vandal resistant stainless steel self-resetting emergency exit systems are installed as an alternative. The installation and system type must be in full compliance with the Building Regulations and achieve final ‘sign-off’ by local Building Control or Approved Inspector.

27.35 If the break glass emergency door release device provides access to residential areas as part of the emergency egress route, additional security must be provided to restrict access to the fire egress route only to maintain the security of the building line. This is also a requirement of Part Q of the Building Regulations (England and Wales).’’

About ARES Button

ARES Button is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance building security by automatically relocking doors. With our innovative technology, you can rest assured that your premises will remain safe and protected at all times.