ECWS (Easy Connected Wiring System)

The access control unit feeds the ARES device sharing the same power as the lock.

This means the device is fitted between the access control and lock.

Please connect the red wire to the input voltage and the black wire to 0 Volts and feed the lock with the blue wire, lock and device are sharing the 0 volts (black wire)


The opening time is set by the dip switch.

Working mode:

The ARES button normally is in rest mode which means the LED is OFF.

When pressed the emergency button the Led light will activate for the pre-set timer.

After the pre-set timer runs off or if system RTE is activated/presents a fob or activates the fire alarm system the ARES button will go to rest mode.


When the button is pressed and the system does nothing, the light is not lit up and the door is open:

• Check if power is present between IN and 0V.

• Check if the fire alarm is activated.

• Check faults from the access control board if is sending power to the lock.

• Bypass the ARES button by shorting the wire connected to the red and the wire connected to the blue if this solves the problem. please replace the ARES Button and if the device is still in the warranty period and the damage was not implicit please request an RMA form to Return to the Manufacturer